AutoPol Algemeen

AutoPOL for Windows (Autodesk Inventor)

The software concept AutoPOL for Windows is a modern 3D CAD system for design,
unfolding and manufacturing of sheet metal components.
The whole concept is based on four different modules that together gives the most value,
but can be run separately. A brief description of each module is found below.

AutoPOL Bend Simulator is software for off-line programming of press brakes.
Simulating off-line will save valuable production time, minimize mistakes and validate
the process before you have even started the machine. Designer, Unfolder and Piper
are all included in the Bend Simulator package.

AutoPOL Designer creates 3D models and flat patterns of parts you design by yourself,
for example brackets, boxes and profiles. Right from the start you can adapt your design
to the machinery and tools you want to use.

AutoPOL Piper is for creating ductwork. It generates 3D models and flat patterns
of piping sections, for example square-to-rounds and t-pieces, simply by entering
desired dimensions in a dialog box.

AutoPOL Unfolder is used to import 3D models created by someone else in any
other CAD system. After importing, just select the unfold command, click the
model and the flat pattern is calculated.

AutoPOL for Windows will provide with all the manufacturing data that is required.
After the model has been imported or designed you easily dimension the 3D model
and the flat pattern. The flat pattern is then exported via DXF for cutting or punching.

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